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Hi guys,

I have finally come around to write this post. This couple here, Alex and Lauren, are the ones who truly inspire me to blog again after my previous failure. Why Alex and Lauren? Why not other bloggers who have been around longer? Because they appear REAL to me. Their stories, the way they monetize their blog, their videos, they way they speak, etc, everything appears very genuine to me. And the fact that they are only in business for a year, with such significant results really appeals to me. I feel like I can relate to their experience, their advice, and their results.

First, let’s get to know them a little bit more. Alex was a personal trainer and Lauren was an accountant from Dallas. That was probably about 2 years ago. Now, they are these amazing FULL-TIME BLOGGERS who travel around the world and replied to my emails from Peru during their holidays last month. I am so envious of them, really, truly, absolutely!! I wished so much to be able to travel like them yet knowing that the income keeps coming in and financially, I can be worry free. Will I succeed by blogging? I sure hope so! So let’s dive into the main question here

How Alex & Lauren Made $103,457 in their FIRST YEAR BLOGGING?


Alex and Lauren started blogging just like you and me. They failed, they came back and became better. Their success started with this Health and Fitness blog – Avocadu. Yes, it’s AVOCADU, spelled with an ‘U’ not’O’, When your blog is famous, it doesn’t matter if it’s U or O because people will know it by heart! So AVOCADU.COM is all about health and fitness, focusing very much on Yoga. You can find lots of posts related to weight loss, yoga poses, healthy living, and recipes. You think that there are enough fitness websites out there and then you have another successful one here! Alex and Lauren both love fitness, and starting a blog with a niche you like is obviously a great start! Avocadu started in a much simpler kind of design and layout. After having a steady stream of income, the couple hired professionals to redo their website. So if you think your website is not even half as good as theirs, please don’t feel down. They have come a long way, and you’re just starting. đŸ™‚

In their effort to monetized AVOCADU.COM, Alex and Lauren implemented a few methods –

  1. Selling physical products
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling e-Book
  4. Selling e-Courses
  5. Introduced Paid Membership System (no longer available)

Affiliate marketing is where you get commissions for driving traffic or sales to a product. You can join affiliate marketing program for FREE and start monetizing your blog today. I have created a post about Affiliate Marketing Program, you can check it out HERE. Do not underestimate the amount of money you can generate via affiliate marketing. But there’s rule of thumb when it comes to recommending a product or service – You have to GENUINELY believe that it is good. If you tried a product and you find it really good, write a post and recommend it to your readers. Don’t try to fake it, because people can tell from your writing. Many would say that affiliate marketing doesn’t work, or it’s slow. Well, it depends. If you’re just starting out a blog, and you have not created any product, affiliate marketing is a good way to start.

$103,457 in First Year Blogging

You can also sell products through your blog, be it your own products or someone else’s. The trick here is to write a sincere, honest, genuine review. You’d be surprised how smart your readers are, and they can totally sense if you’re ‘recommending’ a product or you’re trying to ‘sell’ a product. Alex and Lauren have also created their own Yoga Fat Loss Bible, 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge, After the Challenge Program and Gut-14 Premium Probiotic pills and sell them through AVOCADU.COM.

All these within the timeframe of ONE YEAR starting Avocadu. What an awesome achievement from the couple! It is so good to have your partner on board. It has definitely sped things up for them. But please don’t think that it was a smooth sail from the start for Alex and Lauren. God knows how hard they struggle, how many times they failed, and how anxious they were especially after quitting their full-time jobs before they even have a steady income from blogging! I supposed they have all the characteristics of Millenial babies after all – strong, persistent, risk taker, and most importantly competitive! You think they’d be satisfied with Avocadu, considering all the products they have created and that they are all selling well? Hell, NO! They went on and created another blog Create and Go. And you bet, they made this a success too!

Create and Go is really where I first ‘met’ them. I googled on starting a blog, and I found them easy. I read some of their posts, watched some of Alex’s videos and the next thing I purchased one of their e-Courses – Launch Your Blog. This course is really good for a beginner. I highly recommend it. I will do a detailed review on this course soon, so stay tuned guys. Launch Your Blog is one of the three e-Courses they have created so far. They have also implemented Affiliate Marketing with Create and Go. See how they monetized this blog? Affiliate marketing, and selling their own products. You can never go wrong when you learn from the best.

Alex and Lauren have published a post on their blog about their story you can read more from HERE. It is very motivating to know that someone out there, just like you and me, succeed with blogging and you too can be the same. We need to have a clear picture in mind, set goals, and get it done. Blogging has been around for as long as I can remember. Ten years ago, people made great money with their blogs. Today, ten years later, people still make great money blogging. There are infinite opportunities out there for everyone, only if you’re up for it. Be persistent, be consistent, and be motivated. I am writing this to remind you, as well as myself. Success doesn’t come easy. To achieve passive income, be free from financial struggle, we need to really work hard.

I’m going to finish off with this one-


Till next time guys. AdiÓs!

p/s: Did I mentioned that Alex and Lauren are now venturing into Youtube as well???!!!


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