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Tired of working 9-5? Tired of going to work with people you wish you never have to deal with? Tired of getting up early to go work? Oh, the best one – Tired of getting stuck in the traffic twice a day? You bet I am! So I’ve come up with the top 8 Reasons to Work From Home to convince you (and myself)!

1. Flexible working hours

You work at hours that suit you best. Isn’t that great? I’ve seen so many people, mums and dads, not being able to pick up their children from school activities, tuition, etc because our corporate practice doesn’t allow employees to walk off during work, not even 10 minutes. It’s either you take leave, or you work. Very rigid rules, to ensure discipline among employees. But if you’re working from home, you can be out as often as you like. Best of all, wake up at a time that suits you best! No more early alarm clock that forces you to get up from bed! Now that, my friend, is very important. Waking up feeling good will ensure you have a good start of the day!

2. Avoiding traffic

Who likes to be stuck in traffic?? No one! I had colleagues who have to travel over two hours to get to work. That means 4 hours everyday on the road! That is a great amount of time you can use to do something else. Getting stuck in traffic makes you feel agitated, and impatient, and fed up, and many more negative emotions!

3. Wear anything you like!

This, my friend, would be a great reason for me to work from home! Ha-ha. I am sure many ladies would agree with me. I HATE Uniforms! I have been wearing uniforms since 4 years old! Kindergarten uniform, primary school uniform, high school uniform. And just when I thought college would be better, the university administrator for our faculty decided that to instill tidiness and discipline, we should all wear uniforms as well. Oh for goodness sake, it’s a college! But yes, I endured those years wearing uniforms to college. Something I’d like to forget really. Then it’s the corporate that I joined after that, UNIFORM again. No open shoes, no colorful nails, hairs tied up, blah blah blah. I don’t know how you feel, but sometimes I feel that uniform makes me feel slightly inferior.

4. Be your own BOSS!

Ever feel guilty that you were chatting in the pantry for 10 minutes, or take 5 somewhere just to clear your mind and bumping into your boss? Worry no more my friend. You now answer to only you and yourself!

5. Save on gas, and the environment!

Need I elaborate more? With the hiking
price of petrol/diesel, it would be such a great saving to put less fuel for your car! With less driving, hence less CO2 emissions. I’m sure the environmentalist will give you both thumbs up!

6. Productivity UP!

When you work from home, an environment you can control with your preferred lighting, your favorite chair, nice cozy room, etc, you can only go up in productivity and efficiency. Nothing hurts more than working in an environment you dislike. I remembered one day when the air-conditioning in our corporate office failed, and we were stuck in this thick uniform, it was horrible. Not to mentioned we always had to share tables due to limited office space. So, another reason to work from home! 🙂

7. No politics, no conflicts

If you’ve been in the workforce, even for a day, you’d realized that office politics are no fun. They are extremely powerful and can affect your career negatively. I have worked in an office of close to 60 people, of different races, different ages. It is too complicated for my liking, and towards the end of my working days there, I just hated going to work. I can’t wait to get myself out of there. I am sure not all offices are like that, but when you have a group of people around you, politics and conflicts tend to occur.

8. Be around your children and family 

This is an extremely good reason to motivate you to work from home. It would be a bliss to be able to work around my children. I don’t have to be away 8 hours a day, only to come back and kiss them goodnight. That’s why I choose to be a stay at home mum.

 I can start my career sometime later, but I can no longer replace the time I missed with my little boy.

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