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So peeps,

This is my first post especially to pen down my journey in blogging. I started just like you, having all these great expectations that in no time we will be earning 6 digits simply by BLOGGING! I am sure you thought about it! How great to be able to WORK FROM HOME, at your own comfort and flexibility, write a post or two, and hear the cash pouring in ‘ka-ching ka-ching’! Alright mate, time to wake up. Don’t start daydreaming yet before you even bought your own domain name and hosting.

Beginner in Blogging 1Today is 26/04/17. Exactly 10 days after I bought my domain name from GoDaddy. It’s a good time to reflect on myself, what I have done so far to achieve my first pot of gold by Blogging! It wasn’t hard for me to start a blog because 2 years ago, I started an e-commerce website, which failed terribly and horribly. Two years ago, I was pregnant, and I decided to become a stay-at-home mom. So I thought I am going to be this financially-independent housewife who doesn’t depend on the husband’s income. So I sat down one day, thought about what item would be received well by EVERYONE, and ta-da, I thought Sex Toys! Who would resist it right? Will you? ūüėõ Then I looked into drop shipping option because obviously, I have no capital to start a warehouse full of these naughty things. And sure enough, I found a dropshipper in Australia.

So with a lot of enthusiasm, and NO knowledge on e-commerce, marketing whatsoever, I called GoDaddy and bought my first domain name and hosting package. Then I worked on the website. Got a free theme, started designing it and used a lot of custom CSS (which I now think it’s a bad idea because I know nothing about programming). After months, I started the website for real. Nope, not one sale came in the first 6 months. I did promote on Facebook and Google + and other social media site, but I’m just not attracting people, and hence after 1 year, I got lazy to update the prices because no one visits my site. Fast forward 2 years, when it’s time to renew the domain name, I just let it expired. No point renewing, right?

So lesson learned from the first website is – KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Enthusiasm brings you nowhere if you have no clue what you are doing. So this time round I took a little time to think of a name, basically, a domain name that is easy to type, not too long, and just feels right for me. So I ended up with Jalilga. Not bad isn’t it? Then calling into GoDaddy and getting the domain was very easy. It’s always nice and pleasant to deal with GoDaddy personnel. You can always ask for a promo code, and they almost will have one for you at the time of purchasing/renewal. So domain name purchased, and I went to bed thinking A LOT of stuff for my blog.

Next day I installed WordPress. Installing is fairly simple as this is not my first time. I remembered I didn’t know how to install it 2 years back, and I contacted GoDaddy customer team. They helped me through phone, guided me step by step, and it was just pleasant to deal with them. No wonder they are number one hosting company in Australia.

Okay. Domain name¬†‚ąö Hosting¬†‚ąö WordPress¬†‚ąö¬†

It’s time to design my blog now. I went through a few themes and tried around for a day I think. I am not after Genesis framework because I have no money for it. Let’s be real, if I have a ton of money, I would have hired professional team to do all these. So, I picked the theme ‘Total’. It’s free, and it’s what I like – simple and suits my niche.

Then the following few days were spent changing the designs, whether or not I want sidebars in every page, comment boxes, etc. I also filled up my Home, About Me, Contact Me, and started my first post. I experimented a bit with categories, and what to have in my Menu bar so that it looks sophisticated and appealing to my audience. It’s basically the cosmetic part of my blog.

In between all these, I also looked up for ‘Beginning to blog’, ‘New to blogging’ etc. I received absolutely mountains of information. I am totally absolutely overwhelmed. Truly, everyone claims that they can help you drive traffic to your blog in 60 days, or see the first $1000 in 2 months time, and many other promises to tempt you into buying their e-course. I, being the most ordinary person who cannot resist the temptation of getting 6 digits by blogging, signed up and paid for one course. Well, I am tempted to sign up for ALL courses that I find on Google! But this particular one has this Special promo of 1 Dollar for the first month, so I thought I cannot go wrong with $1 right?

Within the first 10 days of me starting blogging, I have some very different opinions on four blogging ‘experts’ that claimed they can help you with their e-book/e-courses. I can’t decide which is better it is so overwhelming! Some of them seem to give contradicting advice, but they all claimed to help me succeed. Every night I go to bed thinking of more ideas, more features for my blog, and honestly I am stressed. I have to work, I am a mom to a 2.5 years old, I need to run the house, and I want to blog. I am busy, I mean¬†BUSY. I need 48 hours a day, and even that might not be enough. Like I don’t have enough in my head, I now have to decide who is the best among these 4 ‘experts’ !

So on the 9th day, before I closed my eyes in bed, I said to myself, I will pick just ONE to follow. The ONE that gives me most personal touch, ONE that I can connect to most, and will not hurt my pocket purchasing their e-courses. And so today, after my son’s asleep, I sat down on my table, wrote down how I feel about each one of the four ‘experts’, including the costs for their e-courses, and what I have learned from them via their free newsletters and their websites. As I am writing now, I have already decided which one to go with, and the rest will be the ‘backup’.

All e-courses that I have considered provides 60 days money back guarantee. So if I am not satisfied, I can have my money refund (I hope? ).

This is my second attempt and I feel that I am kicking it off well. But I still have A LOT to learn. I spent so much time looking for answers in Google in my first attempt. This time round I hope that I can get more help and learn quicker by signing up for the e-course by these blogging expert.

Will continue to update my progress. Stay tuned!


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