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Hi guys,

Beginner in blogging 3How have you been? I have been so busy and tired it’s just unbelievable. Progress has been slow on my blog lately, especially with lots of trial and error. I wanted to pen down what I have done in these 8 days since my last post because I think this little bit of work is really confusing for a new blogger like me, and I have yet to see the guidance/instructions covered in any e-course, at least not the one I bought.

So I have been fiddling and experimenting with opt-in plugin (landing page plugin), email marketing plugin, as well as SSL certificate. I have spent so much time trying to look for the perfect FREE opt-in plugin where people will sign up as a subscriber in return for a freebie. You know, like many other websites where you give your email address in exchange for a downloadable e-book/checklist/PDF etc.

As a newbie, my thought was that any opt-in plugin would allow you to first create the opt-in page, then there will be some columns upload your freebie files and will be sent to subscriber instantly. NO, it’s not that simple. Well, at least not in my case. I have seen many people advising using Convertkit. But it’s not FREE, and I am definitely not keen to pay, at least not now. So I used Converplug (one that comes free with my X Theme) and created this beautiful ‘slide in’ where it says join my WORK FROM HOME group to get your free PDF! After playing with the design for some time, and I finally am happy with it, I realized that there’s nowhere to upload my free PDF. After more research, I realized I need another plugin to handle the Email Marketing part.

OK, so I got on with it, and of course, the popular Mailchimp comes up. But I truly think that Mailchimp is too complicated for a newbie like me. I tried for ages to work out how to integrate it with my Convertplug slide in, but I failed. I tried a few other plugins, and they are just COMPLICATED. Maybe I am just DUMB. I mean, why must there be lists and campaigns and many other words that just doesn’t make sense to me. So I finally settled with Mailpoet. It is fairly straight forward, obviously fewer features than the popular Mailchimp, but that’s why I want. Less is great for me. I am just starting out and I don’t want to be taken back by complexity.

After setting up my Convertplug with Mailpoet, I tested it with my Gmail account. Hooray for me, as I finally got this ‘click to confirm your membership’ email sent from my website! Hip, hip, hooray quickly become huh, huh, oh-NO. When I test-clicked on the confirmation link, Google flagged my site to be untrusted! Like WHAT? WHY? HOW? I am hosted with GoDaddy, installed nothing but WordPress, and had no offensive contents whatsoever. WHY? I tried to work out, but as of now, I still can’t resolve it. But I did take precaution step – installing SSL.

Try to Google ‘SSL’ if you don’t know what it is. You’d probably want a paid version of SSL if you’re running e-commerce websites. But for something like a blog, a FREE SSL would be sufficient. So I installed it, but it still didn’t solve my problem. I have posted questions in the Facebook group asking for help, fingers crossed for me. But I have to emphasize that having SSL installed is good for you, and it will help in your google ranking as well.

That’s what I have done so far in the last 8 days. It has been really busy for me with work and the babies (the hubby and the cheeky one), and at the end of the day, I just want to rest and recharge for the next busy day. As much as I want to make this ‘Blogging-for-living’ work, I’m taking it at my own pace. I assume that many other bloggers out there are just like me, doing it as a part-time job kinda thing. But that’s really OK, at least we are working on it. Like the old famous cliche – Better late than never! If this is your dream, make it happen!

That’s a wrap, my friend. Will tell you more about my blogging experiences in the next couple of weeks.


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