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Hello guys,

It has been a while since I last wrote about my blogging journey. I have been sick for about a week and I was very inefficient. Having said so, I have done quite a few things, not as much as I would love to though. I have signed up for another 2 e-courses (completed one, and started the other one)

Right now I am flipping through my notebook to see what has been done since I wrote Beginner Blogger 3. I have this ‘Blogging Notebook’ where I write anything and everything about my blog. Alright, so I have written two more posts since then – $103,457 in FIRST YEAR BLOGGING, and Join Affiliate Marketing for FREE. I have also signed up for another 2 e-courses (completed one, and started the other one). And I have been busy trying to figure out marketing via Facebook and Pinterest.


First Year Blogging$103,457

I have written a post on this couple ‘Alex and Lauren’, whom I bought their e-course “Launch Your Blog e-course“. This couple is AMAZING. I love, love, love their course. Not only they have delivered great contents to help bloggers out there, they are such an inspiration. I am very motivated when I read of their income reports. This couple made $103,457 in their FIRST YEAR BLOGGING! Come on! That’s so cool. As a beginner blogger, I am thrilled to have someone like them to look up to, someone whom I can relate to.

Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Networks

 Click here to read more about their stories guys.

I have also written a post on Affiliate Marketing. I introduced the Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Networks that are very popular at the moment and is FREE to join! We all know that affiliate marketing plays a big role to monetize your blog. So head over and have a read. I hope it helps. 🙂


How to Start a Blog

I know, you must be thinking why is she signing up for more e-courses??!! Because the right thing happened at the right time! If you have been reading my Beginner Blogger 1, I signed up with Serious Blogger Only for one month

trial and turned out I don’t like the style. It is a very rigid program, and the author expects you to follow it almost 100%. I cannot say if it’s a good or bad e-course, but it’s definitely not my style. I unsubscribed after the first month. So after 2 weeks, I signed up for Alex and Lauren’s ‘Launch Your Blog e-course‘. This one is really good, I will do a review on the course soon.

The two latest e-courses I signed up are ‘Successful Startup‘ by Alida Quittschreiber, and ‘No List to Pro List’ by Joanna Kay. I have always been a subscriber to Alida’s blog The Realistic Mama and she was offering 1-month free trial for her e-course. If it’s free, why not?! Joanna is also offering her course [ No List to Pro List ] for FREE. This is her first e-course, and she wanted to get feedbacks from users before selling it for money. So I was given the opportunity to review it. It’s exactly what I need now – Marketing. Now that I have my blog up, I need to drive traffic to my blog, and start collecting email list. Right now, I am at NO LIST stage. Let’s hope that her course will bring me to PRO LIST stage. 🙂

Beginner in blogging 4

After going through Alida’s Successful Startup, I attempted the marketing strategies she recommended in the course. So I spent quite some time joining groups on Facebook and joining Group Boards on Pinterest. It’s important to join groups that suit your niche on Facebook because they are your ideal audience. They are the ones who would be interested in your blog. When you published a post or product, you can share it on the groups, and attract readers and potential buyers to your blog. I am still struggling with Pinterest but I learned that RICH PIN is a must to promote your blog. Joining group boards can help to promote and draw traffic to your site as well!

I consider myself to be a very particular kind of person. I need things to be in place, and everything needs to feel ‘right’ for me to work or perform. For example, I am very bothered by the fact that my computer is slow (it’s really old, running Windows 7 still, with 2GB RAM only). And I can’t help to feel that I am being less efficient because of it. It’s just me. I am fussy. So all I am hoping now is to monetize my blog, get some money, get a new laptop!

See you in my next post guys!


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