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Best Parenting Hacks for ToddlersWe all know how difficult parenting is, especially toddlers. At this age, they tend to disobey you more than ever, and it feels like you can never get them to behave. I feel your pain because I have one little devil at home. That’s why I think it’s very appropriate for me to write this parenting hack post to help you (and me). Look, if it saves you 5 mins here and there, we all know it’s going to make our day so much better. So read and try some of the hacks (if not all)to make your parenting life easier!

1. Use a Faucet Extender.

You can make one yourself by cutting an old lotion bottle, or you can get 4 of these cuties from Amazon for only $6.90 plus FREE shipping!

Faucet extender                



Draw a DO NOT PASS red line on the wall to stop your child pulling the papers all over the place!

Toilet Paper Do Not Pass line

3. Doll Hair Fixing

Add a tiny bit of fabric softerner into a spray bottle, then fill it up with water. Spray it onto the Barbie’s hair and you will see A-Messed becoming A-Mazed!


4. Right & Left Stickers

Cut your child’s favorite sticker into two, stick the left and right sides into his shoes respectively. He will soon learn to put on his shoes correctly!

5. Rubberband in Action

Use a rubber band to stop your child locking his bedroom/bathroom doors.

Rubber band hack

6. Sweep-a-toy

If your child has Lego, you’ll probably know the pain of picking up every single piece from the floor. Oh my, it’s just everywhere it’s not funny. My friend actually showed me this trick – Use a flat mop sweeper! She collected all pieces and other toys in no time! This is a MUST try ladies!

7. Food Game Plate

I know how hard it is to get your toddler to eat! It’s most frustrating after you’ve spent hours making healthy meals for them and they just refused to eat. I think these plates will be a great help to any moms out there, including me! You can DIY with small saucers or grab one from Amazon!

8. No Mess Painting

Sick and tired of cleaning up the mess after your children paint? Get them a bucket of water and a brush, and let them paint the fences or driveway. They can literally paint anything that changes color when wet. To make things interesting, you can even try spray bottles with water! Victory for moms!

                                                 water fence painting     

9. Feet on paper

Many moms have difficulties bringing their children to buy new pairs of shoes. Kids, especially toddlers sometimes lack the patience to sit down and try. So, next time just bring this to the shop and you can shoe-shop happily!

baby feet on paper

10. Fake Controller

Give your children a fake/non-working controller and you can enjoy your game without interruption. Best of all, they think they are playing, and they enjoy!

Game Controller

I truly believe that you can benefit from the parenting hacks mentioned above. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!



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  1. ?? Omg. Where has this been all of my life? This is the second post about faucet extenders. I’m picking one up this week. These are valuable tips that I
    definitely will be implementing into my life. Thank you for sharing.

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