Toluna Review

Hey there,

Are you wondering if Toluna is legit? In doubt if it will actually pay you?

The answer is: It is LEGIT, it PAYS, but it has its cons as well. Let’s get into the background of Toluna first.

⇒ Belongs to Toluna Group
⇒ CEO/Founder: Frédéric-Charles Petit
⇒ Founded: Year 2000

Rewards Forms

1. Paypal   

2. Selected iOS App  

3. Gift Cards – GiftPax, GiftPay Flexi, Wish, Ultimate Kids & Hoyts   

4. Ammado Donation

5. Preparid VISA card  


Rewarding Features

1. Earn points through participating in paid surveys. You will received email notifications when you’re invited to participate in paid surveys. Points can then be converted into cash or other reward forms you prefer.

2. Monthly $5000 cash prize draw. You can enter as many entry as you like by converting points to tickets. (1 ticket = 500 points)

3. Votes on polls to earn more points.

4. Get lucky with giftie! Get giftie with minimal points and you might be lucky to receive awesome gifts such as $50 prepaid cards, $50 paypal etc.

5. Participate in product testing.

6. Provide your mobile number for mobile sweepstakes!

7. Earn extra 500 bonus points for every survey completed via Mobile App.

8. Earn 500 – 1000 points for 1st piece of content created via Mobile App.


  • Free to join.
  • Cash reward via Paypal.
  • Gifties are REAL!
  • Screen out will still be rewarded 30 points.
  • Votes in polls to gain more points.
  • Great customer service, especially via Facebook Toluna.
  • Has product testing program.


  • Can only create ONE account per person. 
  • No guarantee of qualifying for all survey invitation.
  • Points to redeem certain reward forms are quite high. $20 Paypal requires 60,000 points.
  • Points rewarded for some surveys are quite low. I have done many lengthy surveys (25mins) that only paid average of 3,500 points. Imagine you have to answer surveys for about 7 hours to be able to redeem $20 Paypal. 
  • Account closed without any notice. My friend’s Toluna Au. account was closed without notice, and when inquired she was told she violated Toluna’s terms and conditions. I then looked up online, and found there are indeed some similar cases going on with quite a number of people complaining their Toluna accounts being closed for ‘…violating Terms and Conditions…”

So here you go folks. These are my sincere, honest review of Toluna. I have been with Toluna for close to 2 years now. I have had half of survey invitations sent to me not qualified, but I have also had 2 surveys that awarded me $40 respectively (but it was a bloody long survey, over 3 hours). I have been lucky with one giftie (out of 50 gifties purchased), and I got $50 Prepaid Visa card!

In short, Toluna is not all that bad, especially it offers Paypal rewards. But there are certainly better Paid Survey Sites out there that I will review very soon! So stay tuned!

Till another time, my friend.

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