Valued Opinions Review

G’day mate! Let’s talk about another famous Paid Survey Site in Australia and the world – Valued Opinions! I am going to write, from my REAL experiences, my honest review about this Paid Survey Site.

Alrighty, before we go any further, Valued Opinions is LEGIT, and the rewards are REAL 🙂

Θ  Valued Opinions is a trademark of Research Now Limited.
Θ  Known as 点众 in Hong Kong & Singapore.
Θ  It is a London-based Firm.
Θ  Founded in year 2000 by Chris Havemann & Andrew Cooper. In 2009, it was acquired by e-Rewards Inc.
Θ  Available in USA, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Singapore.
Θ  Has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.
Θ  Has an average of 8.4/10 rating from Australia and UK Trustpilot Customer Service Review.

At A Glance

1. Free to join.

2. Payment form: GIFT CARDS   

3. Payment per survey
UK : £1 – £5
US : $1 – $5
AU : $1 – $5
NZ : $2 – $5
HK : HK$5 – HK$25
SG : SG$1 – SG$10

4. Minimum Payout
UK : £8
US : $10
AU : $10
NZ : $10
HK : HK$50
SG : SG$20

5. Participating Eligibility
UK residents, age 16+
US residents, age 13+
AU residents, age 14+
NZ residents, age 14+
HK residents, age 16+
SG residents, age 16+

6. Average survey length: 15-20 minutes


1. Free to join.

2. There’s a variety of gift cards to choose from. I especially like the supermarket gift cards, because I can sell them to my friends and still get cash out of it! 🙂

3. Awesome customer service! They responds quickly, and if there’s any technical issue when you filled up a survey, contact them, and they will still reward you accordingly.

4. Redemption of gift cards is fast and easy. You can expect to receive the e-Gift Card almost immediately! (I have participated in other Paid Survey Sites that makes me wait up to 2 weeks for e-Gift Cards!)

5. Landline can be used to perform mobile verification for those without mobile phone.


1. Can only own ONE account per person.

2. NO CASH rewards. (But you can go around selling those e-gift cards for cash!)

3. Non-qualifying surveys are not rewarded with any incentive.

4. Will received non-paying short surveys along the way from Valued Opinions / Paid Survey Sites to update your profile.

5. Voting polls do not give incentives. 

Gift Card Rewards

Click on the links to find out Gift Card choices available for redemption.

Valued Opinions (USA)

Valued Opinions (UK)

Valued Opinions (Australia)

Valued Opinions (New Zealand)

Valued Opinions (Hong Kong)

Valued Opinions (Singapore)

I have been with Valued Opinions Australia for about 2 years now. I have to say it is pretty good. I have experienced few technical issues with this Paid Survey Site, but I am still being awarded for my time after contacting the Customer Service Team. I have been lucky to be chosen for a focus group discussion via Valued Opinion, and I was paid $30 for over an hour discussion on a specific topic. Paid Survey Sites don’t just invite your for small rewards surveys. Sometimes you may be qualify for something that pays quite some money. You just have to be persistent and keep trying I suppose. We joined Paid Survey Sites to earn extra income, to have that little bit of extra cash in our pockets. If the Paid Survey Site is LEGIT, PAYS, and the rewards are REAL, then it’s worth spending time then. I also feel that Valued Opinions send more survey invitations than other Paid Survey Sites. I can make about $20 every week, that’s pretty good to me when I compare it with other Paid Survey Sites.

In short, Valued Opinions is not bad at all. Although there’s no direct debit or Paypal, but you can always sell the gift cards for CASH $$$ !!

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